Legalization of residence and work of Foreigners

We have a job for you! Take up an attractive job in Poland. If you’re healthy and willing to work, you just found what you were looking for! Our recruiters will be happy to conduct a meeting, interview you and match your qualifications and skills with the appropriate work in our country. We assist our employees in obtaining temporary residence and work permits. We will ensure that your stay will be fully legal, peaceful, without unpleasant surprises and unexpected events. Our customers are reliable and proven companies from the Republic of Poland. This ensures that the salary will be paid on time and that our people will be respected and forgiven at work.


A team of experienced and qualified employees prepares and completes the necessary documents, as well as provides necessary guidance related to the legal stay in Poland.


We are in constant contact with offices and institutions competent in matters of legalization of stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland and we monitor the status of processing applications for issuing residence cards on an ongoing basis for persons who use our services.


Temporary residence permits


Residence cards


Permanent residence permits


Polish card


Polish citizenship


Formalities before the offices

We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance and professionalism.

Are you over the expiry of a visa or residence card and you want to stay legally in Poland?

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